Wedding Photographer at the Totnes Guildhall

I love all the quirkiness and eccentric nature of Totnes. There is no other town quite like it. Step into the Guildhall and you feel like you’re living in, and surround by, history going back hundreds of years. Is this a place to get married? Oh yes, for sure! Let’s take a look…

If you’re thinking of getting married inside the Totnes Guildhall, know you’ll be wrapped in history around every wall. For a small ceremony, this is unique, with each room uncovering more and more history going back hundreds of years.

The inside of Totnes Guildhall where the ceremony would be

For a 470-year-old building, there sure is a nice amount of natural light coming in. I use a little bit of fill-flash, but it really doesn’t need much.

Getting married in Totnes, known for its quirkiness and eccentric nature, can add a unique and down-to-earth feel to the wedding experience. The town’s reputation for individuality and creativity can bring a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere to the occasion. Totnes offers a diverse range of historic buildings and quaint country inns, providing a range of options for couples to choose a setting that reflects their personality and style. The town’s laid-back atmosphere, combined with its stunning natural surroundings, creates a serene and stress-free environment for a wedding celebration.

Additionally, the vibrant arts and music scene in Totnes can provide opportunities for incorporating local talent and cultural elements into the wedding ceremony and reception, making it a truly memorable and personalized experience.

The couple was really into the vibe of Totnes. Even their wedding car was something very fitting for the town.

As crazy as this sounds, I haven’t shot a wet wedding at all… in 4 years, but this was the closest so far. There with a tiny bit of drizzle for a few minutes as the Bride arrived.

Let’s see how it went…

Are you thinking of having your Wedding Day at the Guildhall in Totnes?

There are a few things to be thoughtful of when choosing this venue. The most pressing of these are:

  • Parking (or lack thereof)
  • Steps
  • It’s quite a way up a steep hill

Parking is the biggest issue. There simply isn’t easy, level access. I suggest parking as close to the church as you can and then walking behind the church to access the Guildhall.

There are two ways to access the Guildhall. The first is up some steep steps before the Church. The second is going around the church where there are several easier steps from the Church grounds to the Guildhall. Anyone who isn’t steady on their feet would be best being dropped off at the Church and walking around.

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