What happens when you reach 6,000 followers on Twitter

As my followers increase and I reach certain milestones I notice changes in follower behaviour. In this article I talk about what happens when you reach 6,000 Twitter followers.

In a recent article I wrote about what happens when you reach 5,000 Twitter followers. Although the changes were fairly small, the changes at 6,000 have been much more noticeable.

For a start a lot more people with big followings will start to follow you. These are Twitter accounts that I haven’t yet followed myself so they found me.

The followers per day have increased a lot. At 5,000 I was getting around 10 to 15 new followers a day. Now it’s between 30 and 60 new followers a day. That’s a big increase!

Retweets and likes have also jumped a lot. I would get a couple of retweets and likes but now my notification column on TweetDeck is full of them.

My pinned tweet has also had an increase in retweets and I’m also seeing an increase in the amount of lists I’m being added to.

All in all, the difference from 5,000 to 6,000 followers has been much bigger than I expected.

Simon Day

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