A look back at my favourite portrait and group photos of 2020

This has been an incredibly strange year for so many of us. This look-back will probably be the most unusual one I will ever post. Let’s see…

On 1st Jan 2020, I had no idea that all the events I was photographing that year would be cancelled, nor that all the weddings I had booked for the year would be reduced to just three, with the rest postponing to 2021 and even further ahead into 2022.

What the lockdown gave me was spare time. There were things I wanted to learn but I never had enough ‘quality’ time to learn them. This was my chance so I grabbed it with both hands and dove in. I spent both lock-downs improving my lighting skills. I spent as much time as possible learning, practising and building on top of what I already knew.

Financially, this year has been really difficult. Skill-wise, this has been the year I needed to push my skills and abilities to the next level. It was eye-opening to start truly understanding how lighting works with different tools.

Because all the events I was covering this year were cancelled, there are so few to choose from this year. For 2020 they are nearly all single portraits, but I did have fun with all of them 🙂

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Simon Day

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