Fantastic male photography portrait session in my home studio in Torbay, Devon. The client was thrilled!

This post is an excellent example of why communication between the client and the photographer is SO important. If you’re looking for any kind of “Style” in your photos, please read on!

Joe came to me wanting to get some headshot and portrait photos for his Instagram and other social media channels. He had sent me some example photos of poses with models and said he was after that kind of look and feel.

Before we really start going I hone the lighting. During this stage, I’m not looking for poses or anything really. I’d ask you to sit where you’d be sitting and I’d dial in the light settings. I have a 27″ iMac connected to the camera so as I take a photo, we can both see the photo on a big screen.

It was during this stage that Joe did the best thing ever; he said he didn’t like the pose he was doing. When I asked what he didn’t like, he got down to specifics and that is what turned the session around before we’d even properly begun.

The examples he sent me before the shoot was professional male models in very staged, professional model poses. What he wanted was staged male model poses, but with a more ‘natural’ feel. The moment he clarified natural staged, not professional model-staged, I knew what we needed to do.

We tweaked and discussed as we were going along. Here are just a few examples from the shoot, he was beyond happy with these…

It’s difficult for non-models to know the right terminology. It’s difficult for me to clearly have an understanding from a handful of photos.

Ideally, every job is big-budget and we’d have a consultation or two and create a mood board. In reality, people don’t like paying for consultations so I rely on the feedback given to me on-set. In this case, Joe did an amazing job in explaining what he wanted.

Portrait Photography equipment used:

  • Sony A9
  • 70-200mm F2.8GM
  • 24-70mm F2.8GM
  • Godox AD600 Pro
  • Godox 2 x AD200
  • Godox V1
  • Godox X-Pro trigger

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Simon Day

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