Festival photographer for the Love Summer Festival in Plymouth, Devon.

As I sit here, watching the nights drawing in and the cold winds blow, it seems a good time to talk about something a little more warming; A summer festival.

I was asked to be the Festival Photographer for the Love Summer Festival in Plymouth. This is a 3-day event during the first weekend of August. The Festival has two big tents and a smaller third tent so there was always something going on.

The thing that separates the Love Summer Festival from other festivals is how much it is aimed at families. There was plenty of activities going on each day, with a few big tents dedicated to kids from a few months old up to teenagers. Lots of making things, videography and DJ lessons, animals, art and so much more.

There is a limit to the number of people allowed in. That gives the festival a safe and community vibe.

The music at night is loud and goes on until 11pm to 2am. It’s certainly not quiet at night but the closer you are to the car park area, the quieter it will be.

Top tip: Bring your own toilet rolls! That should be a given for a festival but I was surprised at how many didn’t have anything to use. Talking of which, there is a couple of shops and supermarkets within a fairly short walk of the festival so it’s easy to pick up anything you’ve missed.

Let’s look at some of the photos over those few days…

Photography Talk

The media hut was cosy but had what I needed. Camera gear varied wildly as I used certain lenses for certain things. In total I used:

  • 2x Sony A9
  • 24mm F1.4 GM
  • 85mm F1.4 GM
  • 70-200mm F2.8 GM
  • 24-70mm F2.8 GM
  • 20mm F1.8 GM
  • Godox V1

The usual lighting challenges were had here. The usual solutions to overcome those challenges applied (I’ll have to write a dedicated post to this one day).

I want to thank Billy and the team behind the festival for looking after us so well!

We were given a Glamping tent for the media team which was a godsend. Our camera gear was securely locked away and we had nearly ‘all access’ which made life so much easier.

If you’re looking for a Festival Photographer please let me know.

Simon Day

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