I love Theatre Photography

Theatres are magical places where wonder and entertainment go hand in hand. The colours, the clothing, the lighting, it all creates a wonderous realm of possibility for all ages.

When TOPS Musical Productions asked me to photograph the dress rehearsal at the Princess Theatre in Torquay I jumped at the chance. There is a real challenge to this kind of photography because it is a lot more difficult to get right, due to the constant lighting changes.

Earlier that day, I was in Cornwall, photographing a ceremony. TOPS made sure I had a parking space at the theatre and I arrived with time to spare, ready for a completely different lighting challenge 😀

There is so much talk and debate about Mirrorless vs DSLR cameras. I shoot mirrorless and having a real-time image of the photo I’m about to take is a game-changer for me. Face and Eye-tracking seal the deal. I love my old DSLR’s but there is too much about Mirrorless I would miss if I ever went back to them.

Theatres are one place where shooting on auto will almost certainly fail. Even in manual, my camera was telling me I was way underexposed, when in fact, the cast and relevant parts of the stage were perfectly lit.

I want to thank TOPS Musical Productions and the Princess Theatre for allowing me to photograph the dress rehearsal. It was a whole lot of fun and I enjoyed every minute of it!

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The full album for the photos below can be found on my CATS at Princess Theatre Album.

Simon Day

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