Now 9,000 followers on Twitter – Read about the changes

Yesterday morning I creeped over 9,000 Twitter followers. Let’s take a look at the changes 9,000 bring…

9,000 Twitter followers.

On the 5th October my Twitter account reached 8,000 so it’s still around 5 weeks per thousand new followers. My aim is to reach 10,000 followers by Christmas. I think it will be tight, but doable.

Some of you may have read my post about a Twitter follower complaining about my tweets. Well, I did take his views on board and I reduced my scheduled tweets from five a day to two a day. The problem for him remains though as I use the same tweet on a Monday and Wednesday for two different Twitter chats.

I have upped the latest news tweets I do per day and I stagger my tweets more than I did before (one every couple of hours or so). I also still keep Saturdays mostly free of tweets while I’m out with my daughters.

Follower News

I did a little more active following over the last week which attracted another 450 or so followers. I am very careful to not do too much following and I usually limit myself to 100 a day max when I do it. I rarely do this but the ’10k by Christmas’ is possibly one I will pursue, just to see how well I can do.

The ratio of follow backs was high (70%) because I targeted the followers who were likely to follow back. I use a few tools for social media and one of those tools really honed in on the right users to follow.

I know you probably want to know what I use. This is part of what I do so I’ll instead point you to the social media management packages or the social media training package on Inspiring Joe 😉

What I will say is that I don’t buy followers. This is me, sitting down at the computer, to find people with similar interests. I have tools that make finding them easier but none of it is automated.



I’ve seen another big jump in those with big followings who follow me first. Although I’ve just reached 9,000, I noticed yesterday that a lot more 10K+ accounts were following me first. As you reach each new thousand this happens more and more frequently. It’s probably obvious but my stats do back this up.

Twitter Activity

Likes and retweets are steadily increasing but frustratingly the interactions with others is still slow and difficult, unless I’m on a Twitter chat.

Website Acquisition

Website hits.

The stats are finally out of balance because the organic search visitors have increased considerably. Even so, 15% of visitors are coming in through Twitter so the effort is still well worth it.


Each thousand is noticeably different to the previous thousand. This is still the case when you reach 9,000.

Even now there is little interaction and I had thought that by now I would have seen a noticeable difference. I do chat a lot to local people, I do get a lot of likes and retweets. Very few quote with their own comments which is a shame.

Simon Day

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