Theatre Photoshoot for Cinderella

I was asked to photograph the Cinderella dress rehearsal at the Pavillions Teignmouth. I was allowed to tell the story, including the people you normally don’t get to see; lighting, stage hands etc….

I love theatre photography and all the challenges it brings. Low lighting, super-bright spotlights, fast-moving action in low light as well as lighting that can make everyone look as blue as Pappa Smurf or as purple as a Ribena.

Photographing dress rehearsals is one of my favourite types of job. Shooting it in any kind of auto mode and the photos will never be the best because the auto settings in cameras will always struggle to get the theatre lighting right.

Shaldon Theatre Company approached me and asked if I would be able to photograph their dress rehearsal. It was short notice but I was able to juggle things around and do it. I enjoy story-telling and thankfully that was exactly what they wanted from me. The behind-the-scenes peeps never normally get any attention so that evening they did 🙂

It all started off really easy. No stage lighting yet, everyone was busy preparing the stage, rehearsing music etc. I was allowed to capture some of them…

(See more of these photos on my Facebook album)

Now the fun began. Taking photos at high shutter speeds, in low light, with ISO’s very low. The absolutely magical thing about mirrorless cameras is being able to see exactly what the photo will look like before you take it. Even exposure modes struggle, so to be able to visually see in-camera, the exposure on their faces, is one of the greatest things to happen in photography…

(See more of these photos on my Facebook album)

It was an incredibly fun evening and I’d like to thank you all again for such a funny and fantastic night!

They needed the photos quickly as the show started two days later. I edited the photos and they had over 400 of them within 14 hours. I aim to deliver these types of photos within 12-24 hours as I know they are needed quickly.

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Simon Day

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