Theatre promotional shoot at the Lucky 7 club in Paignton

I love how photo-shoots can end up in the coolest of places. The Lucky 7 club has to be in a top spot as a cool location for a musical production photo-shoot.

The recent musical production by TOPS has needed a lot of photography. Auditions, dance rehearsals and other story-telling photos. The other week it was the promotional photo-shoot for advertising this musical production locally as well as inside the Palace Theatre in Paignton.

The chosen venue was the Lucky 7 club in Paignton. Tucked away and difficult to find, I needed help locating it but inside, wow! You are greeted with the most amazing rooms, full of truly unique items made by the owners themselves.

Sarah allowed me to access the venue a few weeks before which really helped me work out where I was going to shoot. Sarah, you are fab, thank you SO much!

On the day we had torrential gales and sideways rain. I had two trips to my car for the gear but I was soaked to the bone within a few seconds of getting out of the car 😀

Once set-up (2 main softboxes and 2 separation lights) it was time to go to work…

These photos were used for advertising locally in the papers, shops and inside the Palace Theatre in Paignton.

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Simon Day

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