Wedding Photographer at the Living Waters Church in Paignton, Devon.

I’ve driven past this Church so many times, and often wondered what it was like inside. When I was contacted by the Bride to be their photographer at this church, I was excited to see what it was like.

I’m not going to lie, Churches ‘can’ be difficult places to be a photographer because quite a number of Vicars inside Churches don’t like photographers, so they can heavily restrict what you can do and where you can stand. Pastor Tony at the Living Waters Church was the absolute opposite of this.

Being a wedding photographer at the Living Waters Pentecostal Church in Paignton, Devon, can be a wonderful experience due to the clean and well-maintained facilities that showcase the church’s commitment to creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for its members and visitors. The friendly pastor and congregation can contribute to the overall positive atmosphere of the wedding ceremony and reception, making it a joyous and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Everyone was so friendly, and approachable, nothing was too much hassle and I was allowed to do what I needed to get the best photos. It was a joy to be a wedding photographer here!

Funny story: For new venues, especially Churches, I always email/phone them beforehand to introduce myself and ask for a meeting with them to go through any issues, and hopefully resolve any fears about my being there. Imagine my surprise when the Bride emailed me back, she works admin there. She is the first ever Bride to catch me doing the behind-the-scenes things I do to try and make the day as perfect as possible 🙂

This was a November Wedding, my last of the year. Lots of Summer Brides want sunset shots but the sunset is always so late, they are too tired (or tipsy) to go and do them. In November however, we were given the most glorious sunset shoot and it was only 5.15pm 🙂

Let’s take a look at some of the photos…

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Being on the main road into Paignton and Torquay, you’d thing it isn’t the prettiest place to be married, but, you’d be wrong 😉

The inside is clean, well-lit, roomy and a lovely venue for a marriage ceremony. I will admit the Bridal photos just outside need a bit of thought, but I simply opened my lens fully and blurred the distractions behind. For the formal shots, we headed behind the church to the Green overlooking the bay. A fantastic spot for formal photos!

I then grabbed my car, and with the Bride and Groom on board, we headed to Thatcher Rock and got the best sunset shots I’ve had so far. I know it is a gamble to have a wedding that late in the year, but it really does make sunset shots so much easier!

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