Wedding Photographer at Cockington Court and Osborne Hotel in Torquay, Devon.

This was my first wedding with someone in the armed forces. It was also a very small and intimate wedding, but they can often be the best ones! Let’s take a look at the day…

The day started off with a small amount of Groom/Bridal prep at the Osborne Hotel. The Osborne is a favorite of mine because the staff is lovely, the food is amazing and the views are so beautiful.

As always, I arrived nice and early. For this wedding, they wanted a little bit of Groom prep and Bridal Prep. I like doing these because people get used to me being around photographing them, so when it comes time for the big parts of the day, they know my happy temperament and they are then much more relaxed.

When a wedding is at Cockington I always leave earlier than everyone else. It takes me time to park, get a ticket, gear up and get down to the Stables ready for the arrivals.

TOP TIP: At Cockington, the Groom should aim to arrive around 30 minutes before the ceremony and the Bride 10 minutes before. You’ll also want to be in the Rose Gardens during this time so the registrars can meet you and go through the final legal bits.

Let’s take a look at some of the photos…

Getting married at the Cockington Court in Torquay, Devon, is a stunning location due to its beautiful surroundings. The venue is set in a serene and picturesque country park, surrounded by lush greenery and maintained lawns, creating a peaceful and natural atmosphere for the wedding ceremony and reception.

The park’s well-manicured gardens, abundant with flowers and trees, provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photographs, capturing the beauty and serenity of the setting. The historical buildings at Cockington Court, including the manor house, Church, and quaint cottages, add to the venue’s charm and elegance. The combination of natural beauty and historic architecture makes Cockington Court a lovely location for a wedding.

I really enjoy smaller weddings. It’s quite a bit of pressure to try and capture an emotional shot of 200 guests. With just a dozen guests, the pressure is much less and I can spend more time looking for those perfect moments of emotion and joy within a single group of people.

After the ceremony, the registrars will ask you to wait in the Rose Garden while they complete the paperwork and hand you your certificate. I always use this time to get some nice photos of the Bride and Groom, and guests, in the Rose garden.

The couple wanted a confetti shot and the nicest place for that is by the church. You need to make sure the confetti is biodegradable. Most couples bring dried petals which are ideal!

You’ll notice the natural smile and laughs in these photos? I will ask you to do things or say things that will make you smile or laugh. I don’t go all super-posey. I want your shots to look real and natural, not staged. I hope you love their natural smiles as much as I do 🙂

It was then back to the Osborne Hotel for a few more formal shots and candids.

Having a wedding ceremony or reception at the Osborne Hotel in Torquay offers a lovely and unique setting with stunning sea views across the bay. The hotel’s prime location provides panoramic views of the coastline and sea, creating a breathtaking backdrop for the wedding ceremony and reception. The hotel’s elegant and clean interiors provide a romantic setting, while its well-manicured gardens and terraces offer ample space for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

The sea views, combined with the hotel’s elegant amenities and facilities, make it a perfect location for a memorable and sophisticated wedding celebration.

Additionally, the Osborne Hotel’s experienced staff and event planners can help coordinate every aspect of the wedding, ensuring a stress-free and seamless experience for the couple and their guests.

Another perfect wedding day and another over-the-moon Wedding couple!

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