Weird Shenanigans as you get close to each thousand on Twitter

This post is about the weird shenanigans that happen as you get close to each new thousand on Twitter. I’ve also wanted to find a way to use the word “Shenanigans” in a post for a while, YAY! 🙂 

Bored at computer.

I have quite a number of active accounts on Twitter. I manage accounts for clients plus I manage accounts of my own. With all these accounts I’ve noticed a pattern!

As each Twitter account gets close to each thousand the people who follow or the ratio of people who follow you back plummets. By this I mean that once each account gets to around 990 or 1,990 followers the ratio of people who follow you back drops like a brick.

It’s almost as if, subconsciously, people don’t follow back so you can’t reach the next milestone! <gasp> 🙂

I have tools for getting new followers. I don’t use them often, just as and when I have the time. The follow back ratio can be as high as 60% but averages 35%. When an account gets very close to its next thousand that ratio plummets to 5%.

At the time of writing this I’m sat here watching the same thing happen again.

I’ve been able to repeat this each time an account gets close. Once the account is safely above the thousand, say 1,020, the follow back ratio once again climbs back up.

Strange shenanigans indeed!

Now to find a way to use my other favourite word, ‘coddiwomple’ in a post 🙂

Simon Day

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