What happens when you reach 7,000 followers on Twitter

This is an ongoing record of the incredible changes I notice as you gain more followers. On this post I look at the (BIG!) changes I witnessed after passing 7,000 Twitter followers.

Reaching 5,000 twitter followers was nice, 6,000 twitter followers got better but 7,000 has moved the account to a whole new level.



I’ve seen a sharp increase in new followers who have big followings themselves. As you reach each new thousand you see an increase but the one at 7,000 has seen the biggest daily increases, a dozen or so big accounts per day.


Retweets have seen a noticeable increase as well. Each tweet gets a steady stream of retweeters, more so than at 6,000 followers (even taken the extra 1,000 into account).


Sadly even now, few people engage and I’m still relying on Twitter chats to get my ‘social’ fix.


I have patterns to people following me. Some weekdays are very quiet, other weekdays very busy with new followers. In the last 10 days I have attracted 260 new followers with very little effort on my part. I may play around a little to see how much I can increase that by. My goal was always 6,000 followers so I have been kicking back and relaxing since I reached it.


As I reach each new thousand things do change. It’s subtle in the low thousands but it gets more notable as each thousand is reached. I seem to see a lot of people around the 4,000 to 6,000 follower mark but much fewer over 7,000. I feel that if you can get past 7,000 you’ll find people take you more seriously and more people find, follow, like and retweet you.

Simon Day

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