Do you need an urgent wedding photographer for a bride or groom who is terminally ill and end of life?

Have you just been thrown into a situation where you need to get married quickly because an end of life diagnosis and palliative care has begun? Do you have to find the right people as soon as possible? Let me cover the wedding photography side of it for you and I’ll explain why choosing me will be a good choice.

I live in Torbay, Devon. What you’ll get with me is someone who is very sympathetic and understanding. I used to be a Samaritans volunteer and trainer, so you’ll get someone who is trained not to say all those really annoying things that don’t help anyone. I also work part-time as a support worker so I am extremely calm and know how to handle complex, upsetting and difficult situations like these.

What you need to decide is the type of photos you want from your wedding photographer. A number of people at end-of-life don’t like how weak or ill they look. In these cases, more candid and natural shots would be better. If they crack a smile, capture it. A tear in their eye? That’s the shot because it carries the emotion of the day.

It may be that you want more of a story-telling day. Capturing those important moments that have a history or emotion behind them.

I had a wedding where the bride’s Dad was end of life and he didn’t want any photos of himself because of how he thought he looked. So I got creative. I framed shots where he was side-on with his daughter in front. I photographed through things, I photographed from a distance and captured the moments I knew they would both love. I respected both their wishes by working with them to get the shots they desperately wanted.

The short notice won’t matter. I will do everything I can to be available for you.

If you are struggling financially or are on benefits, I may be able to cover your wedding for free. I have done this before but it is reserved only for those with a sudden diagnosis, who need to get married immediately but have very limited funds.

As you can see by the lack of photos on this post, I don’t use end-of-life photos on my portfolio. I can’t show you examples because of how personal these photos are. Be assured that your photos won’t be shown to anyone either. Please see my regular portfolios on my website, Facebook and Instagram to give you an idea of my style.

Please don’t be afraid to talk to me. Let me help you find the right way to capture those extra special moments. Phone or WhatsApp 07828 467 753.

Simon Day

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