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Compare the best WordPress shared hosting providers in the World

WordPress powers more than 60 million blogs and of that, it hosts 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015.

Before you start styling a Wordpress theme, finding the right provider to host your WordPress site is vitally important, more so if you’re on a shared host. A shared host is when you share your site with others… Continue reading

Torbay Fishing error page

Great examples of custom 404 error pages

No matter how careful we are, visitors to a website can find themselves staring at a 404 error page.  It is important to make sure the error experience is just as good as the website.

The most common way people find themselves at a 404 page is because of broken links on a page. It is important that you validate your links and check your analytics tools to see if you can spot the culprit.

Here are some examples of some really good error pages… Continue reading

10 reasons people abandon your ecommerce website

Do you own an eCommerce website? Do you have a lot of hits but few sales?

How your shopping cart displays the content and charges can really impacts sales. Do you have to register to buy? This is another ecommerce killer.

The infographic below from CWCS gives you 10 reasons why people abandon an eCommerce site without buying anything from you. It also includes 5 factors that can lead to customers spending more… Continue reading

My website updated

I’ve finally had the chance to revisit my own website and update it.

I’ve used some very subtle CSS3 animations on the icons and buttons to highlight the calls-to-action in a way that it is obvious it will do something without it being too ‘in your face’.

I do like whitespace on websites so I’ve further improved each section of a page so the user flow is more seamless. The site is just as mobile responsive as it was before but the white space now makes it clearer and easier to view.

The top menu remains on the page as you navigate through the pages. It takes up little space and it again is just a simple thing that makes using the website that little bit easier.

Each page should be easier on the eye and easier to navigate. I’ve tried to keep my main calls-to-action in the same place on each page so again, each page should be familiar as you go from page to page.

Visit: SimonDay.Com


Monday Updates

I’ve just finished some updates to http://taylorgrown.co.uk/ which include new images, new gallery on their blog and updates to text on the website.

I’ve also been playing around with the styling on this blog today. I like it better than it was before.

http://www.torbayfishing.com has had lots of tweaks and new pages added over the last few days. I’ve positioned the social media icons in a clearer way and updated the styling on several parts of the site.

http://locomotionmarketing.co.uk has already been cached by Google and has jumped in the search engine listings as a result. The responsive design has also been picked up and it is now proudly displaying ‘mobile friendly’ in the search results when using Google on a mobile.